Need a Book for Bible Study?

Hello Everyone!

It’s often that people will ask me for ideas on what to study in the Bible. Recently, after some conversations with my students and some friends, an idea came to me to put together a book that would make it easy to study some parts of the Old Testament that you wouldn’t usually find in Christlight or the usual Bible study books. Those books often talk about Creation, David and Goliath, the 10 plagues, etc. So, I put together a book that skips over all of those stories and tries to target ones that are interesting for one reason or another, but that I’ve never seen in another Bible story anthology.

I think that this book would be useful for homeschoolers or middle to high school students who are interested in a different sort of Bible study.

The book is called Uncommon Testaments. It’s available on Amazon here. Check it out and let me know what you think.

God be with you.

Uncommon Testaments Cover

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